The Centre for Spirituality at Work

invites you to a special event:

St. Lawrence Market (Toronto) merchants present their

Customer Appreciation Night & Toronto Dollar Party

Thursday, April 4, 6:30 to 9:30 pm

South Market, Front & Jarvis Streets, Toronto

Thursday, April 4, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, the St. Lawrence Market merchants are hosting their Customer Appreciation Night & Toronto Dollar Party, including food, art, music, awards, and community groups throughout the market. Free invitations are available at the market. Our Centre for Spirituality at Work "Work for the Homeless: Making a Difference" project has partnered with the "Spirit at Work" project of Toronto Dollar ( to coordinate tables for community groups that have a focus on work for marginalized people. Spirit at Work is a group of organizations that provide Toronto Dollar honorariums to the homeless and marginally housed people they serve who give back by volunteering for them. Please join us at this great annual event in the south market at Front & Jarvis Streets ( Following are some of the groups we're supporting, along with ways you might take a step and make a difference.


A-Way Express

A-Way Express Courier Service is a community economic development initiative. As a supportive, permanent employment service, it provides meaningful, flexible employment to mental health consumers/survivors. As a courier service, it provides opportunities for customers to express their goodwill by investing in a community economic development initiative without additional cost. This is made possible through government assistance and re-investment of income. Please consider using A-Way as your courier service.

Location: 2168 Danforth Ave.
Phone: 416-424-2266


Double Take

Double Take was opened in September 1999 as a project of Yonge Street Mission. and is one of Toronto's best used clothing stores. It's a self-sufficient enterprise providing employment for people from the local community, a special focus on affordable interview and career clothing, and a place for "new career" candidates to gain merchandising experience. Please donate and buy clothing at Double Take.

Location: 310 Gerrard Street East, just east of Parliament St.
Phone: 416-925-7728


Inner Stage Theatre

Inner Stage provides workshops for all ages in the performing arts, and an eclectic repertoire of total theatre. Their workshops for the homeless community have resulted in production of "No Fixed Address", a full-length play by and about homeless individuals. Are you connected with an organization that might sponsor a performance for its community?

Contact: Elizabeth Szathmary
Location: 33 Harbour Square
Phone: 416-365-7784



Workers are available for temporary help through LabourLink, an employment service for homeowners, businesses, and other organizations. LabourLink is a non-profit community program of Dixon Hall and funded by HRDC. Its mission is to provide quality help to employers and a fair living wage to workers, who are homeless or marginally housed men and women. Can you help by hiring someone for a few hours to do indoor or outdoor clean-up, or some other casual labour?

Contact: Tony Seaward
Location: 4 Labatt Avenue
Phone: 416-860-9991


Mustard Seed

Mustard Seed is an outreach program of the Sisters of St. Joseph. They provide a Community Kitchen with delicious, nutritious, affordable meals prepared and shared in the Community Wednesdays & Thursdays from 3 - 5 p.m. Mondays from 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. is a drop-in for coffee, chat, music, friendship, cards, etc. Crafts are Mondays and Thursdays from 10:00 - 12 Noon and 1:30 - 4:00 p.m. Place your order for household crafts such as curtains, upholstering, woodworking, etc.

Contact: Sister Gwen Smith
Location: 753 Queen St. E.
Phone: 416-465-6069


Open Door Centre

 The Open Door Centre and Rooms Registry Inc. has operated since 1971 and is the largest multi service day shelter for homeless and marginally housed people in Toronto. Its mandate is to provide a safe place for men and women to rest during the day to be protected from the elements and unsafe conditions of the streets, providing opportunities to access services e.g. jobs, training, housing, food, clothing, informal peer counselling, ID, personal needs. Please send your job postings.

Contact: Enrique Robert
Location: 221 A Sherbourne St.
Phone: 416-366-7124



St. John’s Bakery

Volunteers gain work experience baking artisan style bread at St. John's Mission, 155 Broadview Ave. Please help by buying their fabulous French tradition bread at St. John's Bakery, 782 Queen St. East. And you can pay with Toronto Dollars.

Contact: Father Roberto Ubertino
Location: 782 Queen St. East of Broadview.
Phone: 416-466-1357.


Working Skills Centre

Working Skills Centre has been providing employment support, settlement services, language classes and skills training to immigrant and refugee women, since 1978. They are a Toronto Dollar merchant and provide on-the-job training and Canadian work experience by operating community-based businesses in bookkeeping, direct marketing, computer support and international shipping. Can your business or organization be a client?

Contact: Minerva Hui
Location: 350 Queen's Quay W.
Phone: 416-703-7770


Salvation Army Gateway

The Salvation Army Gateway is a 108 bed emergency shelter for men, and a community daily drop-in for both men and women in which dinner is served. The objective is to motivate and encourage residents and community members to develop their gifts and use the resources available to them in order to move onward to more independent and healthier living. They are strongly encouraged to volunteer _ can your organization offer any volunteer opportunities?

Contact: Kathi Nicoll
Location: 107 Jarvis St.
Phone: 416-368-0324

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