Our first workshop of 2001...


Telling Stories of Work: The Challenge of Releasing Spirit in your Workplace


With Paul Persofsky
Saturday, January 20, 2001. 1:00 to 4:30 pm.
Workshop Facilitator: Paul Persofsky
Location: Paul's home near Bloor & Bathurst Streets, Toronto
Cost: $40
To register, call Paul Persofsky at (416) 533-4315. Limited enrollment.
Releasing spirit in your workplace can be challenging. It is difficult to speak with heart and care for yourself and others in an atmosphere that venerates productivity and where one's financial livelihood is at risk. We need courage to experience the fear that exists, listen with empathy and still be able to speak authentically.

This workshop provides a forum to discuss issues and challenges around speaking from the heart at work. There will be group discussion and participants are encouraged to share specific stories of these challenges in their workplaces. Exercises dealing with presence, voice and sensory awareness will be used to enhance the communication process.

To the best of our ability, both speaking and listening will be connected to the heart. Expressing ourselves from the heart is where the challenge chiefly lies. The purpose of the workshop is to tell our stories, air our feelings and learn something about authentic speech. It is not to find solutions to particular problems.

Paul Persofsky is an actor and communication coach. He coaches people in speeches, presentations, acting, singing, voice and self-expression. His approach to communication is influenced by his experience in the performing arts and with mindfulness meditation. "My work focuses on slowing down to appreciate the wealth of energy contained in words and relationships. I help you connect to the simple meanings of words, to the environment through the senses, and to the emotional resonance of all this in your heart. I foster the ability to let yourself be - to be who you are. That is the place of genuine power."

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