The Centre for Spirituality at Work

with Elizabeth Szathmary's Inner Stage Theatre

"No Fixed Address"

1:00pm, Tuesday May 7

Holy Trinity Church, west side of the Eaton Centre

Inner Stage Theatre is staging the third performance of "NO FIXED ADDRESS' . In support of our "Work for the Homeless: Making a Difference" initiative, many of us from the Centre for Spirituality at Work and from Toronto Dollar's Spirit at Work group were wowed by the artistry and performances in December and February. Elizabeth Szathmary, Artistic Director of Inner Stage Theatre and friend of the Centre for Spirituality at Work, has been working since last spring with a group of homeless and marginally housed people to write and act in "No Fixed Address". Within a year, these homeless people Elizabeth met through the drop-in program of St. James Cathedral have made some enormous strides by being "at work" with her and other professionals. Proceeds from the ticket sales help pay the actors.

No Fixed Address is a journey of hope into the lives of our homeless brothers and sisters. It is meant to change the mainstream community's attitudes and behaviour. We need to see homeless individuals as real people with unique lives, needs and emotions, and not as stereotypes and statistics. We've allowed people to become de-humanized and we must reverse this.

The audience will follow a city official through the streets of Toronto's homeless and experience his growing understanding and compassion as he re-discovers his soul. The audience will meet the people that he meets, experience the world through their eyes and learn the truth about their situations. Most of the characters in the play are based on actual people and several performers are homeless.

Inner Stage founder Elizabeth Szathmary has dedicated her life to all aspects of the performing arts. Her 32 years as an Artistic Director in Toronto make her one of the longest working woman theatre directors in Canada. A native of New York City, Elizabeth is a graduate of the High School of Performing Arts. She began her career as a dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York, and performed around the world with this and other companies. After moving to Toronto, she co-founded the legendary Global Village Theatre in 1969 and distinguished herself as a creator, choreographer and performer. She has created over 80 productions with Inner Stage and nurtured the careers of many prominent Canadian artists.

Please join us for the third stellar performance of No Fixed Address. This is a special performance for high school students, and the general public is also welcome.

Thursday, May 16, 1:00 pm.

Church of the Holy Trinity, west side of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

$12.00 per ticket, or $10.00 each for groups of 10 or more.
Please reserve at
or 416-365-7784, and pay at the door.

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