February 12, 2000 One-Day Retreat

Toronto One-day Retreat:

Saturday, February 12, 2000. 8:30am – 5:00pm
The Toronto Baha’I Centre
288 Bloor St. W.
(Corner of Huron St., Spadina subway stop)
Advance registration - $30 each or 2 for $50 lunch included (by Feb. 3, 2000)
Registration Feb. 4 or later - $40


The Centre for Spirituality at Work is a growing community of conscious individuals who stand for creating meaningful work for all, work that connects who we are and what we do. We sponsor conferences, retreats, pot lucks, seminars, workshops, and speakers on this topic. Our retreats are open to all interested individuals who want to engage in discussions, meditations, play, seminars, and community, related to bringing Spirituality into the Workplace. We are an inclusive community and invite everyone to join in our activities and events.

Ever wonder if there are people just like you out there? People who feel there is something more to work than what they are experiencing; people who want a deeper connection to themselves and others; people looking for their community, their soul. We invite you to connect with others just like you. You don't have to have attended any other events of The Centre for Spirituality at Work. You don't have to know anyone. Just bring yourself and find new friends.

Participants are encouraged to take ownership in creating these retreats by bringing 'their voice and expression'. Come ready to share yourself and your visions of a better workplace by facilitating a workshop, leading a discussion group, or simply listening, connecting and supporting by being present. In the last retreat, individuals lead workshops and discussions on such topics as:

  • Getting to Work – the Here and Now
  • Coaching as a Vehicle for Corporate Transformation
  • Business Ethics
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • What is my Role?

The agenda gets created when we get there based on the energy and passion of the participants. We are looking forward to your participation. Why not count yourself in!

Please see registration form below to register.
  • If you wish to lead a workshop, bring the materials for your workshop. On Saturday morning anyone who wants to offer something will be invited to post it giving time and location. Workshops and discussion groups will take place on Saturday morning and afternoon. Please allow 90 min. for each workshop or discussion group session.
  • Optionally we may choose a place in the area to have dinner together at our own expense. If this is of interest to you, please keep the time available.

Your retreat co-ordinators are:

* Heather Skelton - (416) 444-9253 heatherskelton@home.com
* Carol-Ann Hamilton - (905) 822-2503 <carol-ann_hamilton@interactivemedia.com>

Please mail, email or FAX the enrollment form to: (email and charge card are preferred because it is easier for the volunteers running these events)

Heather Skelton
FAX: (416) 444-8781 (Phone line less busy before 10:00am and after 6:00 pm)
e-mail: heatherskelton@home.com
Mail: 23 Proudbank Millway, North York, ON, M2L 1P3
(cheques made payable to Spirituality in the Workplace)

Since we will be committing the number of attendees to the Retreat Centre, refunds are available only until Feb.3 for the one-day retreat and until March 25 for the weekend retreat. After that you can transfer your registration to a friend or associate.

Retreat Registration Form:  Toronto One-day Retreat – February 12, 2000

(Please send one for each person)

Name: _________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________

Postal Code: ____________________________________________

Home Phone: ________________________________________

Business Phone: _______________________________________

Fax Phone: ___________________________________________

E-mail address: ________________________________________

Vegetarian: _____________________Vegan: _______________

Other Dietary restrictions: _________________________________

Need a Ride _____ Provide a Ride ____ Area of City _______________

Key Interests: ________________________________________________


Advance registration - $30 each or 2 for $50 lunch included (by Feb. 3, 2000)

Registration Feb. 4 or later - $40

Total I will pay for Toronto Retreat: ______________

Friend or Associate registering with me (please send registration) _______________