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Richard Barrett
Monday December 8, 7:30 to 9:30 pm
Metro Hall, Toronto
155 John St. at King St. W. of University Ave.

Warm and personable Richard Barrett works internationally on values and cultural transformation. Leaders and senior executives in North America, Europe and Australia call on him to help them develop values-driven organizational cultures that build human capital, strengthen financial performance, and support sustainable development. Richard is a Fellow of the World Business Academy, former Values Coordinator at the World Bank, and author of both A Guide to Liberating Your Soul and Liberating the Corporate Soul (available in French). Richard is currently working on his new book: Love, Fear and the Destiny of Nations. In it he describes the models and tools he has developed for mapping the values and measuring the consciousness of schools, communities and nations.

Please join us as Richard presents some of his latest research into a Unified General Theory of Consciousness and show how this relates to the work of nation building and of corporate transformation. He will also provide information about the latest developments and use of his Corporate Transformation Tools - now used in 25 countries and available in 17 languages. Learn more about Richard and his work at,, and You can reach him at

Monday December 8, 7:30 to 9:30 pm. Bring your brochures & flyers for the networking table.
Metro Hall, 155 John St. at King St. W. of University Ave.
3rd floor -- check room listings at top of escalator

REGISTRATION: $30 received by Wed. Dec. 3 or $40 at the door.
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