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A Conversation about the Leader's New Work

with Michael Jones and Mary Stacey


(Earlybird registration: Wed. March 29)
12:00 noon to 7:00 pm
Downtown Ottawa

"Leaders fail, not because of a lack of strategy or resources, but from a failure of imagination". (Michael Jones, Artful Leadership)

Who am I really? When do I feel most alive? How am I uniquely called to lead? What is my relationship to appreciation and beauty? How do I let go? What is my inspiration? How can I best serve the common good? These are some of the questions at the heart of artful leadership. They awaken qualities common to us all, helping invoke a way of being - and leading - that is organic, creative, and whole. They pull our attention toward capabilities and character needed to transform ourselves and our diverse communities of practice to meet the opportunities of a creative age.

Michael and Mary will invoke our imaginations with live music, story and poetry, helping us think about the next phase of our own inner practices for leadership. Through the experience we will learn a unique and practical organizational leadership process for engaging others in reflective conversation. Leaders started this day with statements like, "I have been sucked over to the dark side, I'm always chasing the bottom line", and "I have cultivated leadership ADD", and ended it saying "conversation is our new art form"and "it is a practice field for finding our own voice." Do join us, and return to work inspired for imaginatively transformed action.

Over the years Michael has quietly established himself as an inspired speaker and facilitator, accomplished pianist, an evocative storyteller, and a fresh and gifted voice in weaving together metaphors from the arts to introduce new perspectives in leadership development and dialogue practice. Michael has introduced new leadership concepts throughout Canada and the US for extraordinarily diverse sectors, including healthcare, corporate, religious, consulting, military, voluntary, education, municipal, and more. He is a core faculty member with the MIT Dialogue Project and Dialogos facilitating programs in leadership and the art of thinking together. A charter consulting member with the Society for Organizational Learning and a Senior Fellow with the McGregor Burns Academy of Leadership, University of Maryland, Michael has been a featured speaker at the Greenleaf Centre for Servant Leadership, The Minneapolis Masters Forum and The Hershey Penn State Medical Centre. He has written two books on leadership and creative practice; Creating an Imaginative Life (Conari Press, 1995) and Artful Leadership; Awakening the Commons of the Imagination (Trafford, March 2006). Michael was the founding artist with Narada Records where his many CD's of original piano compositions have served as benchmarks for contemporary solo piano recordings. Learn more about Michael`s teaching, writing, and music at, reach him at .

Mary is an established, trusted consultant to and partner with organizational leaders, respected for her ability to bridge what's current with what's emerging in organizational life. She introduces innovative, results-oriented practices that help individuals, teams and organizations realize their strategic aspirations. Mary is well known for her work through Waterline Consulting Canada, Ltd. in many sectors, including education, retail, aerospace and finance. Recently she facilitated sessions on change, leadership and transformation for the Conference Board of Canada, The Canadian Innovation Conference, and The Society for Organizational Learning. She was a facilitator with the 2001 Women in Leadership Program through the Minnesota-based Center for Emerging Leadership; and a dialogue circle host with the 2005 Shambhala Institute for Authentic Leadership. Mary's leadership development work, supported by her MA in Organizational Leadership and Learning, was recently featured at the Atlanta-based Information Management Forum, is a CEO-identified best practice in a Canadian retail giant, and a related case study will be included in Change Handbook (2nd ed., Berrett Koehler, 2006). Reach Mary at

LOCATION: Cathedral Hall, 420 Sparks St., Ottawa, between Bronson Ave. & Bay St. The closest parking is just east at Queen & Bay Sts., behind St. Peter's Lutheran Church.

REGISTRATION: The fee is $175 if received by WEDNESDAY MARCH 29, or $195 following. When paid by a registered charitable organization or for a fulltime student, $140 or $160. Included are some very special elements that will deepen your experience and sustain your new practices in leadership. We will begin with lunch at 12, have the program from 1 to 5:30, and complete with dinner together at 6. We will enjoy Michael's music on a grand piano. And we will leave with unique, practical tools to take us further on the leadership journey -- a journal and Michael's new CD. Send your name, workplace, address, phone number and e-mail address to Tell us If you prefer vegetarian food. To pay by VISA, send the name, number & expiry date embossed on your card. For security reasons, you may want to divide the card number into two separate e-mails, leave it in a voice message 24/7 at 416-482-9175, or fax 416-944-3045. "Seeds of Hope" is the transaction that will appear on your statement. Or mail cheques payable to: Centre for Spirituality at Work, Box 100, 162 Spruce St., Toronto, M5A 2J5. Cancellations: You may substitute another person for no additional fee.

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