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Thursday January 26, 2006, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
The ABC, near Bloor & Yonge, Toronto

Fifty years ago, physical fitness had yet to become a household phrase. Today, people return from holidays, lament the weight they’ve gained, and talk about their plans to get in shape for the new year. Professor Mohamed Elmasry envisions just such an evolution for the concept of spiritual fitness, a phrase he has coined — and copyrighted. He believes the day will come when spiritual well-being is discussed with as much candor as a workout in the gym. Dr. Elmasry defines spiritual fitness as “how we can learn to monitor, assess and know ourselves. It offers potential answers to questions we often ask: Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going? And what is my purpose in life? In addition, it deals with questions about the true meaning of happiness, success, achievement and suffering. In short, it asks, what is the true meaning of life?” While his explorations are grounded in the Islamic faith, Mohamed draws upon seven years of research into “common truths of the world’s human community” from the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as from humanism, psychology, and the writings of various spiritual masters. Join Mohamed tonight for conversation about Spiritual Fitness and readings from his new inspirational book of poetry, Divine Love, accompanied by Dr. George Sawa on a Middle Eastern musical instrument called the Qanon.

Dr. MOHAMED ELMASRY is a highly distinguished University of Waterloo computer engineering scholar and consultant who has authored or co-authored 16 books and more than 500 papers. He has served on many professional and charitable boards and committees, and won numerous Canadian and international awards. Well-known as the national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress and a part-time imam, Mohamed credits his own spiritual fitness and his practical approach to spirituality for providing the foundation that supports his visions and struggles in his life's work. He shared that wisdom in his 2003 book, Spiritual Fitness For Life: A Social Engineering Approach — 'social' as in ‘friendly’, and 'engineering' as in ‘planning well’. You can reach Mohamed at

REGISTRATION: An ABC discount card will be given to all who attend. The registration fee is $30 if received by Friday, Jan. 20; or admission at the door is $40. If you cannot manage the full fee at this time, please register and pay what you can before the 20th. Send your name, workplace, address, phone number and e-mail address to To pay by VISA, send the name embossed on your card, the number, and expiry date. For security reasons, you may want to divide the card number into two separate e-mails or leave it in a confidential voice message 24/7 at 416-482-9175, or fax it to 416-482-9969. Seeds of Hope is the transaction name that will appear on your statement. Or mail a cheque payable to: Centre for Spirituality at Work, Box 100, 162 Spruce St., Toronto M5A 2J5. Cancellations: You may substitute another person for no additional fee.

LOCATION: Anglican Book Centre (ABC) at 80 Hayden St., the first street south of Bloor, east from Church. Just a few minutes walk from the Hayden Street exit of the Yonge-Bloor TTC station. There is metered parking on Church Street and a paid lot at the east end of Hayden.

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