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Wednesday October 26, 2005, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
University of Guelph

Living your own best life is usually a journey of "uncovery" rather than discovery. It's already there, ready for you to be living it out. Tonight, begin to consider six focused questions that can lead to creating your own practical blueprint for a major career or life change, or for simply an adjustment in your current circumstances. These questions help you to clarify your AT position and to deal with the uncertainty and anxiety that can surround your present reality. Normally we think, plan and act from our own current perspectives. However, thought the journey of "uncovery", you may uncover key "markers" in your past that lie hidden like diamonds beneath the barnacles that encrust them! Releasing you to live your own best life....

DICK CAPPON and JOHN CHRISTENSEN are true wisdom figures, with many decades of experience as career, business and life transition professionals, working both within and outside the corporate world while having fun doing it. They are especially practised in being guides for people who have lost touch with themselves somehow, and who want to navigate to a place of authenticity and meaning in life. Dick and John have crystallized the essence of their practical approach in their new book, "Six Legs Jazz Club: The Ultimate Guide for Those Who Struggle with their AT Position in LIfe and Work". You can reach Dick at and John at

REGISTRATION: $30 received by Thursday October 20 or $40 following. If you cannot manage the full fee at this time, please register and pay what you can before the 20th. Send your name, workplace, address, phone number and e-mail address to To pay by VISA , send the name embossed on your card, the number, and expiry date. For security reasons, you may want to divide the card number into two separate e-mails, leave it in a voice message 24/7 at 416-482-9175, or fax 416-482-9969. Seeds of Hope is the transaction that will appear on your statement. Or mail cheques payable to: Centre for Spirituality at Work, Box 100, 162 Spruce St., Toronto M5A 2J5. Cancellations: You may substitute another person for no additional fee.

CAR-POOLING: If you are coming from outside Guelph and can give a ride or need a ride, please contact Rita Reid-Smith at She will connect possible car-poolers so that hopefully everyone who wants to attend is able to. We suggest that each passenger contribute $5.00 each way to the driver.

LOCATION: University of Guelph, in the Conference Hall just inside the main doors of the University Centre building. This large grey building is directly ahead when you enter the university grounds from the north side of Stone Road just east of Gordon Street, about 12 km north of the Brock Road exit from Hwy 401. Gordon St. is a continuation of Brock Rd. northbound, becomes Norfolk St. in the centre of town, and is called Woolwich St. in the north end of Guelph. Parking is free after office hours at meters and in the visitors' lot.

Remember to bring your brochures, flyers and business cards for the networking table.

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