The Centre for Spirituality at Work


Kathleen Conway


Thursday, February 27
6:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Metro Hall, 3rd floor, Toronto


"Out beyond ideas of 'rightdoing' and 'wrongdoing', there is a field...
I'll meet you there."
- Rumi

At work, do you ever need to prevent or resolve differences peacefully? Would you like to use an approach that enables you to connect deeply with both the feelings and needs of the other person and yourself?
Kathleen Conway introduces us to a simple yet profound process that addresses both persons' interests, needs and desires in a manner that increases goodwill, empathy and cooperation. For the past six years,
she has studied "Nonviolent Communication", or 'NVC", an approach used to facilitate dialogue and foster relationships world-wide -- the life work of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion". Constructive Communications puts "hands and feet" to any spiritual practice
and decreases stress for the concerned parties.

The workshop content includes
* The purpose of Constructive Communication
* "Power Over" vs. "Power With": the intention behind the model
* The Jackal and the Giraffe: How life stances affect the language we use
* The Four Steps of the model, with examples
* Expressing ourselves without blame or criticism
* Receiving information with empathy
* Small group practice

Kathleen Conway of Camden Communications Inc. specializes in communications skill development for individuals and teams. Based in Toronto, she leads lively, interactive and practical workshops throughout Canada and the US. Some of her current clients include VISA Canada, the Toronto Stock Exchange, WorldCom Canada, and federal and provincial government ministries and agencies. Kathleen holds BA and MA degrees in Communication Arts, extensive corporate and non-profit experience, and is currently a trainer candidate with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. You can reach Kathleen at

$20 prepaid by Tues. Feb. 25, or $30 at the door.
Bring your business cards & brochures for the networking table.

Please make your cheque payable to Spirituality in the Workplace, and send it to Centre for Spirituality at Work, Box 100, 162 Spruce Street, Toronto, M5A 2J5. If you would like to join us for this evening but just can't
afford the full fee now, please prepay by Feb 25 with a cheque for whatever you can manage.

Metro Hall is at 155 John St. at King St. W.
3rd floor -- check the room listings at top of escalator.
West of the St. Andrew subway station, with street parking and many lots in the area.

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